There is no need to pre-book, we have a first come first served.




GOLD Package - £90

 Full clean & inspection for wear of cycle.
Replace all bearings with new grease.
Replace & adjust all brake & gear cables.
True wheels in our wheel jig.
General lubrication of moving parts.
Check tyres & inflate to correct pressure.

SILVER Package - £75

Adjustment of headset, bottom bracket, brakes, gears & hubs.
Replace all brake & gear cables. (with high quality inner and outer cables)

BRONZE Package - £50

Full clean of cycle.
Adjustment of headset, bottom bracket, brakes, gears & wheel hubs.


Please add £15 should you require the hydraulic fluid in your disc brakes to be replaced at the same time.  Should you require any parts or accessories not included in the service package to be fitted you will only be charged for the part itself not the extra labour required to fit it.